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plantes suisses

Suisse. Naturellement – A Sign of Recognition

 The logo « Plantes suisses – Suisse. Naturellement.» is a true label of origin, which designates all ornamental plants produced in Switzerland. More than 100 Swiss businesses, tree nurseries and growers of potted plants or perennials have signed the production contract and, in accordance with the criteria, can mark their plants produced in Switzerland with this label.

plantes suisses

Roseraies Tschanz

 This logo represents the varieties of rose bushes created and hybridized by the members of the Tschanz family.

plantes suisses


 ADR® is a German label that is attributed to vigorous and flowering roses that are disease and pest resistant. These rose bushes were evaluated for 3 years in 11 rose gardens in Germany, spread over several different climatic zones where no treatment was carried out. This label is a guarantee of high quality.


The Roseraies Tschanz embellish your gardens, terrasses and balconies by selecting the most beautiful varieties you can offer to your family, friends and acquaintances.